CC-3000 Computer Interface 400 foot LOS Wireless Range


The CC-3000 Computer Interface is more than just an interface, its a full data logger with.

Integrated Radio
Fast USB or RS-232.
2 MB of flash memory.
NiMH battery backup.
Inside Temperature.
25 MHz High speed Processor.
Software updates through your computer.
Now supports both English and Metric units.
New command protocol
Daylight Savings support.
Expansion Port.

Integrated Radio:

Unlike the previous interface, the LR radio receiver is build right into the unit. This means less wires and a cleaner desk. A power cable and USB cable are all that are required. The new switching power supply is smaller and more efficient.

Fast USB or RS-232:

The CC-3000 is normally shipped with a USB interface. An RS-232 version is available for applications that require serial connections like cellular and satellite modems. The baud rate has been boosted from 9600 to 115,200. Even with extra memory download times are dramatically reduced. USB drivers are provided for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Flash Memory:

Memory has been increased from 32K to 2MB. The 32K was RAM based which meant if you lost power you lost your data. This is not the case with flash, your data is non-volatile and will not be destroyed when power is lost. The data stored in memory is compressed so the 2MB will allow for long intervals between downloads. Approximately 50,000 records.

NiMH Battery Backup:

The CC-3000 now uses NiMH battery backup. These batteries are much easier to get than NiCAD and have substantially more capacity. Fully charged batteries will keep the CC-3000 running for more than 24 hours. The new case includes a battery compartment which makes installing the four batteries very easy.

Inside Temperature:

A thermistor-based temperature sensor is built into the interface. This provides inside temperature which can be very useful for freeze alarms in holiday homes.

High Speed Processor:

The performance of the primary processor has been increased while also reducing power consumption. The increased performance allows for faster communications and more features.

Software Updates:

The new CPU can be reprogrammed via the USB or RS-232 interface. This means that updates can be quickly and easily applied by the user. This also allows for multiple software programs that use the same hardware. We can now offer custom software designed for specific tasks. Contact us if you have a specific requirement.

English and Metric Units:

The original interface was only available in English units. Metric was achieved by having a PC application convert the data. The CC-3000 has user selectable units.

Daylight Savings:

Daylight savings is now supported. The dates, times and shift are user selectable. This allows the CC-3000 to be used in any country around the world.

Expansion Port:

In preparation for future functionality the CC-3000 is equipped with an expansion port. This connector will allow for future digital and analog sensors.

Warranty Information

The CC-3000 has a 2-year warranty.


Weather View 32 Software

For detailed information on Weather View 32 click here to visit  the Weather View 32 web site

Weather View 32 is a feature-rich weather monitoring software package. Displays, charts and dials allow you to observe current conditions in real-time. Data is stored in one minute increments on the computers hard drive for future reference and analysis.

Weather View 32 is available in 2 different versions:

  • Home (free with the CC-3000)
  • Professional




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