MK-III-LR Sensor Assembly with 1 Mile LOS Wireless Range

The MKIII-LR is a wireless, solar-powered weatherstation. Itís original version, the best-selling MKIII, broke the price barrier in 2002 when it was released. It provides the best accuracy of any consumer weather station on the market and includes the capabilities and features desired by knowledgeable weather enthusiasts, with the easiest setup and installation of any instrument being sold today.

Since then, Rainwise has worked diligently to improve the performance of the MKIII. Rainwise has done just that with the MKIII-LR by dramatically expanding its transmission range to one mile line of sight (LOS). This distance vastly surpasses other comparable weather stations on the market, where the current long range distance is 1000 feet.

Another breakthrough feature for the new MKIII-LR is that it now transmits data every 2 seconds, without delay, so information sent to the LED display or computer interface is virtually real-time. It uses spread spectrum radio technology. While the range may vary due to environmental conditions (such as topography, building walls, snow, etc.), the MKIII-LR far surpasses (by as much as 4X) any other wireless weather station in its class and price range.

It is the most accurate, reliable and easy to install weather station on the market today.

Rainwise MKIII-LR Sensors w/Rain gauge

The Rainwise MK-III weather station is preferred by customers for its wireless technology. The station installs easily in 15 minutes. The viewing console is located within the customerís building or home. The wireless technology can not go through many layers of walls, concrete, or metal to a console or computer interface. This station includes the standard sensors for recording wind direction and speed, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and indoor and outdoor temperature. A rain gauge is an option. It can move easily. The self-generated solar power is an advantage where electricity is unavailable.

Rainwise MK-III weather stations are installed at military bases, many elementary, middle and high schools, a charter fishing office, a mining facility, landfills, nature conservatories, emergency management facilities, construction sites, farms, construction sites, water treatment facilities, chemical production plants, Department of Agriculture sites, a dairy, a state park, golf courses, fire stations and fire watch stations, TV stations, radio stations, power plants, police stations, the EPA and the National Weather Service. It is a favorite of schools and serious weather enthusiasts.

Where many users need access to the data received by the weather station, Weather View 32 software is available in the Client version. This feature is often used by Emergency Management Agencies and locations with many uses for the weather data. More information.

Organizations with a closed circuit television system, all indoor offices, and TV stations use Weather View 32 Broadcast Licensed with Slide Show to deliver weather data combined with advertising, in office messages, updates in a PowerPoint style slide show. The Slide Show version displays text and images for up to 30 seconds at a time, uses complicated image style changes and displays the next image in series. This version is available for Trial by calling 503-864-3217.



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