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The Texas Weather Instruments weather stations are preferred by customers who seek accuracy, long life, and the ability to install the sensors at best individual location for optimal accuracy and accessability. Although this station is a wired weather station, Texas Weather Instruments built it to resist demise due to lightning. This station includes the standard sensors for recording wind direction and speed, relative humidity, barometric pressure, rain, and indoor and outdoor temperature. Additional sensors are available to record lightning, leaf wetness and melted snowfall. The console is easy to read from across a room. The Texas Instruments weather stations come ready to connect to a computer via Weather View 32. No additional hardware is required. More information is available below the weather station images.

WLS-8000 Weather Logging Station

                  T-E Sensors
WLS-8000 Display Console  

Temp and Humidity Sensor


Solar Radiation Sensor


T-E Rain Bucket



WRL Weather Report Logging

      Wind, Rain & Humidity Sensors  
Display Console


WPS Weather Processing System

  Wind, Rain & Humidity      
Closed Unit Console


WR-25 Weather Report

    Wind & Rain Sensors  
Display Console


WR-25-C Weather Report


  Display Console      
Wind Sensors

It is a favorite of corporate, agricultural and industrial customers. Industrial customers who must report to government agencies often prefer the WRL-32 combined with the Weather View 32 software. Customers located in unfriendly environments like coastal environments find the Texas Weather Instruments weather stations survive well despite salt and wind.

The Texas Weather Instruments WLS-8000 weather station is preferred by customers seeking the ultimate weather experience. This station includes greater accuracy, rugged sensors and a premium appearance.

The Texas Weather Instruments WRL-32 weather station is used at universities and colleges, research facilities, wind farms, power plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, fire departments, high schools, military bases, emergency management operations, mining operations, landfills, water treatment plants, pollution control facilities, radio stations, TV stations, engineering facilities, petroleum operations, farms, dairies, nurseries, food production plants, hotels, a newspaper, marinas, yacht clubs, weather centers, ski resorts, golf courses, construction sites, forest service operations, satellite upload stations, small airports, paper plants and closed cable stations.

Where many users need access to the data received by the weather station, Weather View 32 software is available in a Client/Server configuration. This feature is often used by Emergency Management Agencies, public and private educational facilities and other locations where real-time weather data from a single weather station is needed by many users. More information.

Small local cable systems, hotels, resorts, golf courses and any other organization that can broadcast a video signal use  Weather View 32 Broadcast Licensed with Slide Show version to deliver weather data combined with optional advertising and messages interposed with live weather data. This version is available for Trial by calling 503-864-3217.



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