WPS Weather Processing System

  Wind, Rain & Humidity Sensors      
Closed Unit Console

*No Display - Computer Use Only*


The WPS Series Weather Stations are designed to interface to a PC via a RS-232 serial interface. No display is available!

    The WPS features data logging capability . The WPS is available with 2K of memory (holds approximately 30 lines of data), 32K of memory (holds approximately 2000 lines of data) or 128K of memory (holds approximately 8000 lines of data). The logged data can be downloaded into a computer or be queried by a modem. All WPS units are supplied with a wind sensor, a temperature and humidity sensor cased inside a pagoda (solar radiation shield), a rain collector, a mast mounted junction box, TWICal software, and a total of 120 feet of sensor cables (20 feet for the mast & 100 feet to the console). A barometric pressure sensor, an indoor temperature sensor, and a serial cable are also included with the console.

    The Texas Weather Instruments WPS Series weather stations are preferred by customers who need accuracy and long life and are seeking a lower cost alternative to the WRL-32. The WPS displays data exclusively on a computer. This is a no console station, resulting in a a good solution where no console is needed.

    It is a favorite of corporate, agricultural and industrial customers, especially those who must report to government agencies. Customers located in unfriendly environments like coastal environments find the WPS survives well despite salt and wind. Although this station is a wired weather station, Texas Weather Instruments built it to resist demise due to lightning. This station includes the standard sensors for recording wind direction and speed, relative humidity, barometric pressure, rain, and indoor and outdoor temperature. Sensors are also available to record lightning, leaf wetness and snowfall


Commercial Grade Equipment


WPS Console
Wind Direction & Speed Sensor
Barometric Pressure Sensor
Temperature & Humidity Sensor in Pagoda
Rain Collector
Junction Box
Serial Cable
TWICal Software



Size: 11" wide, 7" tall, 6" deep
Barometer: 28 to 32 in. hg 1%
Wind speed: 0 to 170 mph
Wind direction: 16 points
Temperature: -70 to 140 deg. F2%
Humidity: 0 to100% 3%
Rainfall: 0.00 to 999 inches

Weather Station Diagram


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WPS-10 Your Price $1199  (Retail $1399)

WPS-32 Your Price $1399 (Retail $1599)

WPS-128 Your Price $1549  (Retail $1799)


Options Price List

Description Your Price Retail
Solar Radiation Option     $279.00 $299.00
Lightning Sensor    $229.00 $249.00
Leaf Wetness Option    $279.00 $299.99
Second Com Port          $279.00 $299.00
Euro Option (High Resolution)   $469.00 $499.00
19" Rack Mount Option   $279.00 $299.00
Weather View 32 Professional $249.00 $249.00
Heated Rain Collector 6" $649.00 $649.00

WPS Manual

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