Weather Report Specifications Sheet

The Weather Report tells at a glance the last time it rained, how hard and how much, the Heat Index, the Windchill Index or the Dewpoint. It can tell you instant or average wind speed and direction, outdoor and indoor temperatures, barometric pressure, humidity and the maximum and minimum of all values.

 The Weather Report is available in two configurations, the WR-25 and the WRL. The WRL model has all the features of the WR-25 but adds memory and data buffering. Included with the WRL is a mast mounted junction box, a pagoda radiation shield and TWICal software.

NORMAL DISPLAY - Displays wind direction and speed; date and time, inside, outside, and aux temperatures, barometric pressure, humidity, daily, monthly, and term cumulative rainfall, (solar radiation in WR-25-S) and lunar tide cycle.

MIN/MAX READINGS - Displays minimum and maximum (since the last clear) wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, rainfall rate, (solar radiation in WR-25-S) and the date and time of its respective occurrence.

SELECTABLE SCALE - English or Metric.

WINDCHILL INDEX - Indicates Windchill factor.

COMFORT INDEX - Displays temperature humidity index.

DEWPOINT- Displays Dewpoint.

LAST RAIN - Shows date and time of last rain and rate.

CUMULATIVE RAINFALL - Registers rainfall over daily, monthly, and user defined time periods.

WIND AVERAGE - Displays the average speed and direction for previous minute.

RISE/FALL - Indicates rising or falling trend in temperature (solar radiation in WR-25-S), pressure, and humidity.

HOLD - Deactivates information cycling of respective display.

SELECT - Puts weather station into various setting functions.

LUNAR/TIDE CYCLE - predicts high and low tides.

WARRANTY - Limited One Year.

RS-232 ADAPTER - A serial port (RS-232 adapter) is built into every unit. This feature allows common serial printers to be plugged directly into the instrument (cable not included). The instrument may be directed to print at intervals chosen by the user. The weather station can also be tied directly into an IBM PC, or Macintosh computer, through its RS-232 adapter or plugged into a modem for remote monitoring.

NON-VOLATILE MEMORY - In case of power failure, the clock function, calibration and all data are preserved.



Size: 21" wide, 12" tall, 4" deep, 20' cable w/RJ-11 connector

Temperature range: -40 to +120 degrees F

Wind direction: 16 points

Wind speed: 1 to 200 mph 1%

Pressure range: 28 to 34 inches Hg 2%
Pressure resolution 0.01 inches Hg
Pressure accuracy: .03 at 75 degrees F

Size: 7around, 9" tall, 20' cable w/RJ-11 connector
Temperature range: -40 to +140 degrees F,
Temperature accuracy -40 to +140 deg. F) 1 degree F
Humidity range: 0 to 100% inches Hg 3%

Size: 15long x 4x 4.5, Weight: 17oz., Cable Length: 20 feet
Temperature operating range: 32 to +120 degrees F,
Sensor: PCB with gold plated grid

SOLAR SENSOR (Pyranometer)
Size:12 long x 4x 2, Weight: 12 oz., 20' cable w/RJ-11 connector
Temperature operating range: -40 to +120 degrees F
Spectral Response: 400-1100nm
Sensitivity: Typically 60A per 1000 Wm
Rise Time:: 30ns
Range: 0 to 1500 Wm
Calibration: 10% fso

Size: 12" long x 11" tall x 3" wide, 20' cable w/RJ-11 connector

Size: 7.7" wide, 7.5" tall, 15.5" deep, Receiving Orifice Diameter 6.00"
Temperature Operating range: 32 to +130 degrees F, Temperature Limits -50F to +130F.
Resolution 0.01 inches Accuracy: 1% @ 1" per hour




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