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New Features in Version 8

Weather View 32 User guide now available within WV32 program

  • Create your own personal web site in minutes, without the knowledge of html or web design. This feature allows you to display local radar images and your personal weather data and because it is a web page it can be viewed from anywhere with internet access. Professional Edition feature. Version 8 Allows 1 minute upload rate. Click here to see what our WV32 Web Wizard creates! 
  • 360 New redesigned three-dimensional real-time monitoring screens that are optimized for 1920×1200 down to 800×600 with a total of 10 screen resolution supported. All Versions. This was by far the most ambitious new feature in WV32. Supports wide aspect monitors as well as 4:4, even most common netbook resolution.
  • Real-time monitoring screen selection tool with previews of all 360 screens allows user to assign as many as 105 different screens for viewing in real-time. Change selection whenever you want/need to. Home edition is limited to screen ID 001 (but user can pick what screen that is assigned to screen ID 001.
  • Dial indicator now allows 7 different bezel colors plus the original classic brass.
  • Easily Minimize the Real-time monitoring screen,
  • Climate database including daily data for over 10,000 sites in the United States and its territories. This data is updated through end of 2009. All Versions. 
  • Weather View 32 screens and webpage’s can now be sent as often as every minute (limited by your internet bandwidth).
  • Updated Doppler/NEXRAD radar for all United States sites can be viewed within Weather View 32. All Versions. Learn more
  • Additional features will be added during lifetime of version 8. You can always download the latest version 8 at no additional cost.
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