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RainWise Inc. offers a selection of accurate, durable and easy to install wireless weather stations (Wireless stations are designed to limit damage from lightning strikes due to lack of physical connectivity and ease the installation process). This  weather station is ideal for weather enthusiasts, municipalities, educational facilities, federal government, military and industrial manufacturers.  

Both Rainwise  weather stations are a giant step up from the mass manufactured weather stations advertised as "Professional". These stations are made to withstand exposure to the elements. For quick reference the consoles are easy to read standing at a distance. We've worked with these stations and their predecessors for more than 12 years.

The Weather View 32 software was designed closely with this manufacturer to make the best use of each weather stations capability. Using Weather View 32 with  Rainwise weather stations offers the user a tremendous array of features. Whether the weather station/ Weather View 32 combination is used privately to protect a second home, in heavy industry on the coast of Louisiana, or during a hurricane or adverse weather conditions, Weather View 32 with either of these stations is a powerful combination.

The installation of these weather stations is straightforward. It does not require special knowledge. We are happy to assist you in what to consider before you or your staff install the weather station.

Call 503-864-3217 if you are at all unsure of the appropriate station needed for your installation!




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